About us


What we do

Mindlife+ offers programs in virtual reality environments aimed at the general public to improve and treat anxiety disorders such as stress, phobias and fears.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an environment of scenes and objects with a real appearance, creating a feeling of being immersed in the virtual environment you see, which causes the experience to be assimilated by your brain as if you were living it.

Our multidisciplinary team continuously develops new programs to incorporate them in different environments.

Graphical summary by Virtual Environment and Disorder Typology

Who we are

Mindlife+ has been created and developed by the multidisciplinary team of Projecte Omega Neurosensory Stimulation, experts in neurology, psychology and computer engineering VR / AR, with the aim of offering programs in virtual environments to improve mental health and quality of life of people and reachable worldwide.

For more info and questions please contact us at info@mindlifevr.com